The space where we meet as counselor and client reflects my counseling philosophy of us working together in the present moment and discovering what evolves from a centered awareness. It’s a physical office on Northwest Blvd. in Grandview Heights, Ohio, but it’s more than that.

It’s your space.

From the moment you walk through the door, my goal for you is advice I once received and found impactful.

I want you to take up space.

I think that the concept of taking up space is at least somewhat about opening ourselves to the fact that it’s okay to be silent. In keeping with my philosophy, I believe that if we listen closely inside that silence we’ll often be amazed at what we hear from ourselves.

To that end, the office visit is designed with ample time between appointments so that you won’t see any other clients when you enter. The waiting area is comfortable, with no receptionist or computer or any other technological distraction and complimentary light beverages. I want you to have the luxury of a moment to enjoy the beginning of the time you’ve carved out for you, to drop into yourself, and to listen to what feels important inside before coming into our session. 

My separate therapy room is also devoid of technology and distractions with seating options designed to help you feel at ease. It’s a larger, open space with a lot of natural light, and it’s devoted to you so that you can access what you need in the time that you’re here.

I’ve occupied this office for a few years now and when I found it, I knew at once that it was the right choice. The space has supported and served me well, and has enhanced my sense of well-being.  My hope is that it will do the same for you.